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MePIC v2.0 Manual


  1. Overview
  2. Visiting MePIC page
  3. Submit data
  4. Retrieve result
  5. Registration


MePIC is a web service designed to detect pathogen sequences from metagenome data derived from specimen material from patients. MePIC will trim low quality data, remove sequence data from hosts (i.e. host patients) and then perform megablast search against NCBI blast database, or BWASW or BWA aln search against a single sequence specified by user. The result can be further analyzed by third party software such as MEGAN, Tablet, or GenomeJack.

Visiting MePIC page

This kind of warning might be shown, because the web certification is not yet registered. In this case, please check the URL carefully and continue to visit the link.
After we finish registering the certification to www this warning will not appear.

Submit Data

User ID and password is required to login MePIC. If you do not have user ID or password, you can register from the link "register account". Registration will be explained below.
The following image will be shown after logging in. To start analysis, select the data file, select analysis methods and change parameters if needed, and then click "Exec" button.
MePIC will trim low quality regions from the uploaded data, subtract sequences that show homologies to Human genome, and perform megablast search against NCBI NT database. If the check boxes beside the analysis methods were unchecked the analysis will now be performed.
MePIC accepts .fastq.gz format (gz compressed fastq format) or .sff format (Standard flowgram format). MePIC can accept up to 2GBytes of data in total.

BWASW or BWA aln analysis can be selected instead of the megablast search. In this case, ID of the reference sequence should be specified.

Retrieve result

After submitting the data, MePIC will automatically refresh the page every 10 seconds until the analysis were finished. During processing the data the progress will be shown on the web page.
The analysis may take long time according to the data. Users can retrieve the analysis results even after closing the browser, because MePIC stores the user analysis data. Users can also retrieve the data from other places or browsers.
After finish analyzing, a link to the result will be shown.
The result will be kept for 7 days.
Please be sure that the result will automatically be deleted after 7 days.

After finish analyzing the data, MePIC will send an e-mail to the address the user registered with a link to the result.


Input a user ID you prefer and an e-mail address to register to MePIC. The user ID should be at least 5 letters and consisted of alphabet and/or number [a-zA-Z0-9]. E-mail address should end with .ac.**, .go.**, or .edu (such as +++@*** or +++@*** Those who use other e-mail address please contact to the webmaster.

If the userID were already used, an error message will be shown.

An e-mail will be sent if the userID and the e-mail address were accepted to MePIC.

After receiving the e-mail from MePIC, follow the link and finish registering within 1 hour.